Our women in tech: Spartan Ivett Kaufman

Added: 9th April 2019 by Sparta Global

Completing our Business Analysis/Software Testing course in Birmingham, Ivett Kaufman flourished in our practical sessions and is now driving business transformation as a manual tester in a London company. We caught up with Ivett to hear about her Sparta journey so far…

How did you get your start with Sparta Global?

I was coming to the end of my degree in International Business Management (BSc) at London Metropolitan University and came across Sparta Global at a university job fair.

I attended an assessment day shortly after in Richmond and was thrilled to be offered a place. However, I decided to leave London and join the Birmingham Academy.

Tell us a little bit more about your training

I trained in Business Analysis/Software Testing at the Academy and also covered project management (Prince2).

The training was definitely intense, but I was given a lot of support along the way. I really enjoyed how theory was always reinforced with practical sessions and working on two testing projects during the training gave me hands-on experience. This was exactly what I was looking for in a post-grad opportunity and I really enjoyed it. The whole process gave me confidence and made it so much easier for me to talk about relevant experience at job interviews.

I graduated from the Academy in August 2017 and was placed in London a couple of weeks later.

Chris White, Sales Director at Sparta Global, says; “Ivett is the type of candidate we are always looking for at Sparta Global. She worked incredibly hard at the Academy and left as a highly capable consultant with all the technical and interpersonal skills to succeed. Moving to London for her first placement, Ivett has successfully integrated with her company’s culture and continues to add value as part of a small, but focused testing team”.

Where are you currently working?

Right now I am placed with an asset and wealth management firm in London, working as a manual tester/QA test analyst. I was placed shortly after completing my training in 2017 and have been with them ever since!

What does a typical day look like in your tech role?

I work in a small team of five testers and initially I was involved in regression testing, defect reporting and management. As I became more familiar with the system we test, I was given more responsibility and started testing new functionality – depending on the phase of the project, I do functional specification/document analysis, design test scenarios, write test cases and run those tests. Defect reporting and retesting is also a big part of the job, as well as attending meetings with development and product management, walkthrough sessions and sprint planning and review sessions. It’s certainly busy!

Have you been working on a particular project in your role?

I‘ve been mainly testing our internal CRM system, which is also used for portfolio management and as a platform for propriety trading. An exciting project I worked on last year was a new dealing model with one of the UK investment companies which acts as custodian. It was a strategically important project as this new ability to trade with the custodian allowed a company acquisition to take place. I’m really proud that I played a key role in delivering this.

Another important project I’ve recently started working on concerns our customer-facing web-application. The changes should result in an improved user experience when purchasing financial products. Perhaps the most exciting phase of this project is the introduction of robo-advice, which means that an algorithm is used to provide financial advice based on data entered by the user. This important functionality will allow my company to enter the ‘robo’ market and I’m looking forward to participating in the quality assurance phase.

How have you seen your work make an impact?

There is more to my job than just finding software bugs and reporting them. Critically evaluating a new piece of functionality and raising concerns from a user/customer point of view contributes to improving software quality, and therefore improving the experience for the users in the company. This is the main benefit I see from my job.

Are you enjoying working in tech?

I enjoy working in technology and working for the company I do. The company’s culture is brilliant, and everyone has been very supportive. It’s also great to know I play an important role in providing software that is reliable and enables my company to meet its business needs in a technology-driven world.