Vicki Kelly

Identity Services Engineer

"The grad scheme has definitely helped me build a great network within ITV, that’s very beneficial to my role now."

In the final year of the grad scheme, your placements start becoming more focused and tailored to your interests. You will usually join a team for an extended period of time, where you complete bigger and more significant projects that you wouldn’t have the time to do in the shorter placements during your first year. You’ll gain a better understanding of what certain roles entail. This can either be with teams and areas you’ve already experienced during your first year of the programme, or new ones.

Going into my second year, I didn’t quite know what I wanted to do once the graduate programme finished, but I did know what I was interested in. I come from a cyber security background and had always assumed I would end up somewhere in that area, and the graduate programme helped me to discover my niche in the practical applications of security and technology.

I sat down with Tim, our grad scheme manager, and discussed how my previous placements went, including what I enjoyed and what could be the right route for me. Coincidentally, at around this time, a new team was forming that seemed like a great fit for me, using the knowledge and skills from my time at University and at ITV. This was the Identity team.

We decided that I’d go into the Identity team for a few months to help out with the launch of a new Identity Platform across the whole of ITV. However, once in the team, we realised it was the perfect blend of cyber security and the practical application of technology. It became clear there was a lot of work I could really sink my teeth into and that I wasn’t going anywhere else anytime soon. I was well and truly a full member of the team and not just a grad that was going to help out here and there and then disappear.

As it was a new team being formed, they were in the process of hiring staff. After being in the team for a few months, I was asked to consider taking on a full time role that built on the tasks and the responsibilities I already had. As I felt like I had got the most out of the grad scheme and had found the place I wanted to be, I made the transition into a full time role before my grad scheme had officially come to an end. It was a really easy transition and I had lots of support from Tim, the other graduates, and my new team.

Since becoming a full time employee at ITV, I have really been enjoying the role, although not much has changed as I was already part of the team! There have been many opportunities to enhance my knowledge and skills with training and on-the-job experience. I am now an “Okta Certified Professional”, and my manager and I are working together to ensure I am continuously developing off the back of the grad scheme and my ongoing career.

The grad scheme has definitely helped me build a great network within ITV, that’s very beneficial to my role now. I help manage the Single Sign On process and am in regular communication with application owners. Having been around many departments within ITV, I have a good sense of what system each team manages, and what applications they use. I have been using these pre-existing working relationships to help fulfil my role and I will certainly be able to take them with me as I continue my career. .

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