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University of Manchester Nuclear and Particle Physics Society

We are the Nuclear and Particle Physics Society at The University of Manchester. We are a student-led, non-profit society that seeks to spread physics amongst the public in the spirit of democratising science; science is for everyone! 

Members typically study

  • Computing/Technology
  • Electronic/Electrical
  • Maths/Analytics
  • Mechanical/Manufacturing
  • Science

The facts

We reach more than 2,000 accounts on Instagram every month.
We have over 650 members in our Facebook group.
Our weekly careers post ‘MeV Fridays’ highlights upcoming career events and an ‘opportunity of the week’ to our members.
We host regular seminars and aim to run two trips and two career events per year.

Employers Who Like Our Society

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If you're an employer and would like to add your company logo to this page, please contact Georgia via email at

About Us

Our history is quite short; we rebranded slightly before the Covid-19 pandemic struck the world, meaning we very much started from scratch at the beginning of the academic year. Regardless, we are proud to be at the foundation of a community that has grown organically and keeps growing every day. By organising weekly academic and social events, we have taken a leading role in the physics department. We are striving for equity by offering everyone the best opportunities at our reach, whilst educating and cultivating our community. Besides, we do not restrain our actions to the physics department, as we aim for a wider scope with collaborations and ongoing projects with up to eight societies from four different schools covering all the STEM departments in the university.

We believe science is a part of everyone’s life and necessary to make informed decisions, adequate to the frantically changing socio-political situation our world lives in today. In this spirit, we support proposals like nuclear fission energy being part of the transition into a world with zero emissions, or nuclear fusion energy being part of this future. We try to get messages like these around by giving projects a voice; an opportunity to let more people know how things can change and be better.


One of our most popular events this year was the tour of the nuclear teaching and research labs here at the university.

This was conducted by the head of the Nuclear Physics Group, Professor Kieran Flanagan, and gave students an insight into both the experiments they could perform in labs and what a hands-on physics related career might involve.

Other events we have run this year include seminars, pub socials, a PhD student Q&A panel and a virtual trip to ITER.

Committee List

  • President: Alicia Martín Rodriguez
  • Secretary & Inclusion Officer: Flavio Ryu Ciciriello
  • Treasurer: Ryand Yandoc
  • Social Media Officer: Miguel Victor Luque Canete
  • Social Secretary: Sergio Lopez Martinez
  • Career Opportunities Coordinator: Kerry Mack
  • Trip Organiser 1: Zhilin Li
  • Trip Organiser 2: Eleanor Asquith
  • Seminar Organiser 1: Maksymilian Manko
  • Seminar Organiser 2: Dounia Nanadoumgar Lacroze
  • IOP Representative: Akshat Gupta

How to Join

If you would like to find out more, please email us at

Or follow us on Facebook and Instagram.

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