As one of the UK's leading power distribution companies, we're investing in our network, and in new people at every level, to enhance our legacy of excellence for our customers.

We deliver electricity from the national transmission system, on behalf of suppliers. Our network covers an area of 25,000 square kilometres in the North of England - from north Northumberland, south to the Humber and northern Lincolnshire, and from the east coast to the Pennines. It consists of more than 31,000 substations and around 91,000 kilometres of overhead line and underground cables. We also have offices across the region. 3.8 million homes and businesses rely on us to provide electricity 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

We have three subsidiary companies, across two main areas of work:

  • Northern Powergrid Northeast and Northern Powergrid Yorkshire which distribute electricity in their respective regions.
  • Integrated Utility Services (IUS), which provides engineering resources for the distribution business - from design and commissioning, through construction, to installation.

We're committed to maintaining a reliable, consistent and safe supply of electricity for all our customers. And we take concrete action to make sure that happens.

Each year, we invest around £220million in making our network stronger. Wherever they're needed, we provide customers with new connections to the network - whether that's a case of moving a single domestic supply, or connecting entire new housing or commercial developments. And our 24-hour call centre enables us to maintain direct contact with customers, and provide a world-class service.
But we believe very strongly that our responsibilities to customers go beyond the delivery of electricity to their homes or businesses.


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The facts

We have 3.9 million domestic and business customers.
Northern Powergrid covers an area of 25,000 square kilometres.
The network consists of more than 33,000 substations & 91,000 km of overhead line & underground cables.
Our network extends from Northumberland to Lincolnshire and from the east coast to the Pennines.