Edif ERA Employee Profiles

Mohanad Al Sayegh - Software Engineer

"The skills I’ve developed here so far will be invaluable in my future career as a Software Engineer. "

Kali Liaka – Power Systems Engineer

" The exposure to projects of different nature has allowed me to develop my technical skills but also my commercial and customer awareness."

Ben Hickman - Electrical Engineer

"I have carried out a range of site-based projects from the condition assessment of HV electrical systems in the desert in Oman to electrical surveys in the north of Scotland."

Ioannis Konidas – Electrical Engineer

"With Edif ERA’s support, I am now a professional Electrical Engineer. "

George Peltekis - Senior Power Systems Consultant

"Edif ERA enabled me to obtain my Chartered Engineer registration in less than four years of professional experience"

Ola Kupolati - EMC Engineer

"Edif ERA have ultimately supported me on my journey to becoming a Chartered Engineer."

Luis Mayor Salgado – Power Systems Consultant

"The constant exposure to clients and the variety of work allowed me to quickly gain the experience required to become a well-rounded engineer and to progress into more senior roles"

Thomas Lambert – Forensic Engineer

"Recently I was given the responsibility of managing an in-depth metallurgical analysis of a nozzle guide vane prototype on behalf of an international client."

Joe Stubbs - Electrical Engineer

"Edif ERA provides an engaging work environment in which I can undertake a varying range of projects..."