Sparx Employee Profiles

Will Benfold - Content Scientist

"What I like most is being part of a company whose overall vision is exciting, and where it’s not just about the low level problems."

Abi Jones - Content Scientist

"The best bit though has to be when I’m in school and see the students doing a lesson I wrote and enjoying it."

Rich - Content Scientist

"Working at Sparx is always fast paced and exciting. It’s challenging, but always extremely rewarding getting to see the real life impact of the work we’re doing."

Will - Technical Director, Maths

" I joined Sparx because it was a really great opportunity to be part of an interesting team."

Georgie - Product Director, Maths

"It doesn’t matter whether you’re shy or an extrovert – it’s your ideas and insight that count here."

Chrissy - Content Scientist

"When I joined Sparx, I thought it would be more daunting than it actually was – everyone was very friendly."

Arnaud - Developer

"One of the things I value most about working at Sparx is the amount of freedom we have to follow our own ideas. "