Software Engineer

"People in Schlumberger are so different, but all of them are enthusiastic and enjoy working in a team on a challenging task."

What’s been your career path to date?

“I studied hydrology and water resource engineering in university. I was interested in the mechanism of nature and reproducing fluid dynamics by numerical modeling and simulation. I only heard of the organisation when I visited Boston for a research trip. I was amazed by the positive discussions from the researchers about their work. At the time, my image of a technology company and an oil company was a bit negative as they are usually male-dominated industries, but the conversations with these female researchers changed my image of working in the industry, I wanted to be like them and to work in this challenging environment. Since joining Schlumberger as a software engineer, I have been working on new Wireline telemetry development.”

What have been the opportunities for training and development since joining the company?

“I was in a three-year training course when I joined the company. During this time I had several opportunities to visit other technology centres abroad and learn technology and management with other engineers from all over the world. I was able to make good friends in other centres, which has helped me to build a good network in the company. Also, as a trainee, you propose a project from outside your work responsibility and work on it for three months, presenting your findings to senior managers. I worked on the sonic data interpretation software I had been interested in, and I developed a new algorithm to improve the software. This experience gave me a great opportunity to learn a new product and technology outside my expertise.”

What is the most rewarding part of working at Schlumberger?

“The diverse environment at Schlumberger is invaluable for an engineer, as you’re working in a company doing business globally. Until graduation, I had only lived in my own country and I had never experienced working with people from other nationalities. I still remember when I wrote my first email in English to an engineer in France! I checked the sentences I wrote again and again. Also I asked my colleague to check if my email made sense or not. After many careful checks, I clicked the “Send” button and awaited the reply nervously. Now I am working in an engineering team consisting of engineers from four nationalities. There are sometimes challenges but I really enjoy working in this diverse team.”

What advice would you give to female Engineering students today?

“Be open! When I was job hunting, my primary target was a domestic oil exploration company. But through the interviews with Schlumberger, I was fascinated by the people in this company as well as the great career opportunities and environment. After working here for almost four years, I am sure I made the best decision when I think of how many things I have learnt and experienced here. People in Schlumberger are so different, but all of them are enthusiastic and enjoy working in a team on a challenging task. I believe that working with people who are such a positive influence on you will help you to build a good career.”