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British Sugar is the leading supplier to the UK and Ireland food and beverage markets.

As the sole processor of the UK sugar beet crop it produces more than one million tonnes of sugar in its four factories from eight million tonnes of sugar beet. The company was the first to manufacture bioethanol in the UK at its Wissington site in Norfolk and seeks to turn all of its inputs into sustainable products.

We supply a wide range of sugar products to our customers in the UK, Ireland, Europe and even across the world. Our ‘core’ product is free-flowing granulated sugar, but we also offer a range of specially manufactured sugars designed to meet the needs of, and add unique benefits to, the final product and/or its manufacturing process.

The sugar-making process creates a range of co-products, which enable us to drive efficiency, develop our sustainability performance and work across multiple industry sectors. Co-products we produce include electricity, animal feed, bioethanol and TOPSOIL.

You will find our sugar on supermarket shelves under the Silver Spoon brand, one of the UK’s leading food brands.

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We are the leading producer of sugar in Britain.
Our growers supply around eight million tonnes of sugar beet a year.
Our advanced manufacturing plants can produce around 1.4 million tonnes of sugar a year.
We work in partnership with over 3,000 growers.
UK beet production occupies over 100,000 hectares of UK farmland.
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