Parth Sheth, Ex-Graduate

"I chose Cobham because of how much of a diverse company it is and the opportunity it presented to work in one of its various different sectors."

Why did you chose Cobham?

I chose Cobham because of how much of a diverse company it is and the opportunity it presented to work in one of its various different sectors, ranging from air-air refuelling to the MRO (Maintenance Repair & Overhaul) of its military fleet.

Being an international company, it has branches all over the world from the UK, America, Denmark, Australia and many other countries which attracted me even more to work for such a world-renowned company.

The graduate scheme was very unique in the fact that it was split into two business streams, Engineering and Business; however successful graduates were given the chance to work in both streams if they desired to which I had not seen with any other company before.

What have been you achievements/highlights of your career at Cobham so far?

One of the highlights in my career at Cobham so far was the chance to work as an Aircraft Engineer on the shop floor supervised by other licensed Aircraft Engineers. I was working predominantly on Cobham’s fleet of Falcon 20s within the base maintenance department, engine bay, line and flight operations.

This experience allowed me to implement my theoretical skills in a practical environment which I thoroughly enjoyed. Having finished the graduate scheme I was offered a permanent role as a Mechanical Design Engineer within the site in Marlow that design, manufacture and test military and commercial antennas which is an achievement in itself.

What are biggest challenges?

One of the biggest challenges for me was adapting to the different working environments across the different sites during the four six-month placements I completed in the graduate scheme.

Moving around and working in different roles was initially challenging, however the people I worked with across the company were all very friendly, always willing to help and allowed me to develop my learning. I asked as many questions as possible (sometimes more than once or twice!) on anything I was unsure on which enabled me to gain the relevant knowledge in order to do specific tasks.

What is next for you?

Having rolled off the graduate scheme into a permanent position as a Mechanical Design Engineer, I want to gain the right amount of experience and knowledge which I am currently getting (considering how busy I am!) to move up to a higher position. I am also working towards my chartership with the IMechE in the background and so all the experience and knowledge is invaluable.

Why would you recommend Cobham as a place to work?

I would highly recommend Cobham as a place to work because of the vast range of roles it offers and especially for the graduate scheme, you are expected to take on new roles throughout the placements you complete.

The people that I’ve worked with have all been extremely helpful, friendly and take pride in developing your career – whether that’s expanding your current skillset or introducing you to a completely new skill.

I have thoroughly enjoyed the placements I have completed and am very pleased with my current, permanent role and I look forward to seeing what Cobham has to offer me in the future!

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