100 Years of Ultra

We are very proud of our heritage and this year, we’ll be celebrating 100 years of Ultra.

Our story began in 1920 when Edward Rosen set up a small Electronics factory in West London, but today we are made up of 4,500 people in over 50 businesses across the world.As we approach our centenary celebrations, we look back at just some of our most historic milestones...

In 1903, the Marconi Wireless Telegraph Company of Canada, now part of Ultra Intelligence & Communications, is founded by Guglielmo Marconi. The Prime Minister of Canada awards the company a multi-year contract to build coastal wireless stations in Canada for the safety of ships and to improve communications with England.

Ultra TCS radios receive the Titanic distress call on the night of April 14, 1912.

In 1994 Ultra is awarded two major contracts to fit the Submarine Command System to all UK Nuclear Submarines.

In 2002 Ultra is selected to supply bow sonar systems to the Royal Navy’s new Type 45 Destroyer, establishing Ultra as a strategic supplier of sonar systems to the UK’s armed forces.

Ultra lists as the 245th largest company on the London Stock Exchange in 2005.

In 2020, Ultra launches a new brand and logo. Our new brand was designed to reflect a new era for our business and a commitment to deliver for our customers from the start to the very end of everything we do.



We have been solving our customers’ most complex problems for over 100 years… and we’re ready for the next 100…