Earn a competitive salary from day one

You’ll earn from the outset – no fees, no debt. Based on the latest proposed teaching salaries, Teach First trainees outside London should expect to start earning from £20,282 in Year 1 (depending on where your school is) and rise in Year 2 (again, depending on where your school is). You’ll also receive corporate coaching worth an estimated £900 and a fully-funded teaching qualification.

Gain internationally recognised qualifications

Completing our programme will earn you a Postgraduate Diploma in Education and Leadership (PGDE), worth double the credits of a Postgraduate Certificate in Education (PGCE). 99% of people who qualify as teachers with us achieve the top two grades (good or outstanding). You’ll also have the option of completing a master’s degree part-time over a third year.

Because they’re recognised across the world, your qualifications will allow you to teach abroad, too.

Make a difference in the classroom from the outset

As soon as the school year kicks off in September you’ll be in the classroom. Not just observing lessons. Actually teaching them. You’ll be helping pupils from the poorest backgrounds reach their full potential. It’s far from your average day job – expect surprises, challenges and an unmatched sense of fulfilment.

Access to rapid career progression opportunities

After completing the Training Programme (and when you’re ready), we’ll help you to step up and lead change at school. This support makes our teachers over seven times more likely to progress to senior leadership roles early in their career than those who train through Higher Education Institution routes. With career progression comes salary progression: middle leaders working outside London can earn up to £40,500 per year, and headteachers can earn upwards of £100,000.

During your training you’ll get the chance to take on work placements with businesses and organisations that support us, opening the door to even more opportunities. You'll also build a solid list of skills in the classroom, setting you up to impress any employer.

Close support from your school and from us

You’ll have a mentor in school you can turn to whenever you need. You'll also have a university tutor to assess your progress. A dedicated Teach First expert will oversee all your training and help with any issues inside or outside the classroom. We’re with you every step of the way.

Join a growing community of graduates and career changers

Join a network of like-minded individuals who understand the potential in all young people, and the challenges that affect their education. At every stage of your career, this community will be on hand to share ideas, offer support or simply have a chat.

Our community is made up of people from many different backgrounds. In 2019, 30% of new trainees joined us from another career, 28% had graduated in the past two years, and 42% came straight from university. Your diversity is your strength: wherever you're coming from, you've got a set of unique skills to bring to the classroom – enabling you to develop as a fantastic teacher.

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