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There is no other company like IBM and there is no business professional like the IBMer. We are experts in nearly every technical, scientific and business field. We are citizens of, and apply our expertise in, more than 170 countries. Yet we are united by a single purpose: to be essential. Read more »

Typically recruits

  • Aerospace
  • Chemical/Process
  • Civil/Building
  • Computing/Technology
  • Electronic & Electrical
  • Materials & Minerals
  • Mechanical/Manufacturing
  • Sciences/Maths
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IBM is the world's largest IT and consulting services company.
IBM is a globally integrated enterprise operating in over 170 countries.
Today IBM UK has around 20,000 employees.
Voted 'Graduate Employer of Choice for IT’.
Over 3,800 students have Followed us on Gradcracker.
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Technology Consultant

"IBM offers so many types of job roles across various industry sectors and they're constantly finding ways to be innovative . . ."

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Why HR matters more than ever in the age of artificial intelligence

Digital transformation is happening faster than ever. The adoption of artificial intelligence (AI) and automation will redefine jobs, enhance employee productivity and accelerate workforce development

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IBM augmented reality system lets engineers look through walls

Turning my head to the left, two large white pipes come into view. They are hidden behind a thick, opaque wall with a mounted telephone, but I can see their vertical path up from the floor, joining others before turning and crossing through the ceiling of the room.

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