Placement FAQs


How do I know whether the location I am interested in is available for the scheme I am applying to?

We offer opportunities within a large range of offices across the UK & Ireland. You will have the opportunity to select which locations you would like to consider at the application stage. The early careers recruitment team will then match your location selection with the scheme you have applied for and send your application to the relevant team. However, if you apply for an individual vacancy the locations will be noted on the job description.

Can I apply for more than one placement scheme?

Yes, you can apply for a summer internship and an industrial placement if you are considering both.

I did not pass the online assessment, can I reapply?

Your assessment score is valid for the recruitment period of September until the following September. Therefore, you will need to wait to reapply again in the next recruitment cycle.

My degree discipline is not listed on the candidate specification for the scheme I am interested in, can I still apply?

Yes, if you can demonstrate your suitability for the role through relevant work experience, projects or modules throughout your degree or additional skills and interests.

The sector I am interested in is not available within the scheme I am applying for, will my application still be considered?

Yes, the business needs could potentially change, therefore, new vacancies could arise which match your interests and experience. There could also be another team we feel you would be suitable for which you may not have originally considered.

Do you offer any part-time placement positions?

Unfortunately, we do not offer any part-time placement positions.

Do you accept applications from students who are outside of the UK & Ireland?

Yes, please apply to any suitable schemes available online.

Placement scheme and recruitment process

What type of placement opportunities do Mott MacDonald provide?

We offer a range of summer internships and industrial placements in a variety of sectors and locations.

What does the application process for placements involve?

The application process for placement schemes consists of three stages: online assessment, application form (where we find out more about you and your passion for the sector you have applied for), and interview with your future team. If you are successful you will then receive an offer.

How long does a placement typically last and is there any flexibility with the duration?

Summer internships are typically eight-twelve weeks long and industrial placements are six-twelve months. There is some flexibility with the duration of a placement opportunity providing this is suitable for the team you are applying to.

Will I be considered for the graduate scheme once I have completed a placement with Mott MacDonald?

Yes - if you wish to be considered for one of our graduate schemes please inform the line manager of the team and location you are interested in before your placement finishes. If there is an available position, the early careers team will liaise with the hiring manager and ensure you are fast tracked through the application process and considered for a role on the relevant scheme.

Can I apply for a placement if I have already graduated?

No, if you have already graduated please apply to one of our available graduate opportunities.

What is the start date for placement opportunities?

The typical start date for summer placements is June, and September for industrial placements.

Are there any internship schemes available outside the UK or Ireland?

Yes, however, this is not managed by the UK & Ireland early careers recruitment team. You will need to have the right to work in the country you are wanting to apply to.

What salary do you offer?

We offer a competitive salary which will be discussed at the offer stage.

I have a disability, are you able to provide support or adjustments throughout the recruitment process?

As a Disability Confident Committed organisation, we are committed to ensuring our recruitment process is inclusive and accessible. We encourage applications from candidates who consider themselves to have a disability and we can offer a guaranteed interview to any disabled applicant who meets the candidate specification listed in the job description. We can make reasonable adjustments within the recruitment process to ensure that you have the best chance of success.

Furthermore, if you are made an offer, we can then discuss with you the adjustments you might need to get on with the job and develop your career. Please refer to the FAQs to find out more about the different stages during the recruitment process which will help you identify whether you will need any support or adjustments at any stage. We understand that there is not a ‘one size fits all’ approach to adjustments. If you would like to discuss any adjustments you may require please contact the early careers recruitment team at or on +44 (0)20 8771 2701 who will be able to assist you with your query.

Should I inform you if I have a disability?

We want you to perform at your best at each stage of our recruitment process and can make adjustments to ensure this. So, whether you consider yourself to have a disability or not, or would simply like to know how we can support you better, please contact us confidentially. Any conversations we have with you regarding disability and adjustments will be treated confidentially. As well as offering the opportunity to speak to us about your disability and any adjustments you may require, we also ask you to submit a diversity monitoring form as part of your application.

In this form we ask candidates to disclose whether you have a disability. The diversity monitoring form is completely confidential, meaning no one involved in the recruitment process will be able to see your responses. All questions on the form are optional so it is up to you to decide whether you would like to share this information with us. We analyse the trends from the diversity monitoring form to understand how we are doing as an employer committed to equality, diversity and inclusion and to identify how we can better support candidates with a disability.

I am having problems accessing my account/I have forgotten my password, how do I resolve this?

Please try and reset your password and follow the instructions provided, if you are still experiencing problems please contact

Online application process

What do you look for in an application?

Make sure you demonstrate your interest in Mott MacDonald. Ensure you provide relevant answers, examples and experience which will distinguish your keen interest in the discipline and sector. This could be demonstrated by providing any related modules or projects you have studied so far in your degree. Additionally, any work experience you have completed which you feel is relevant to the sector you are applying to. Make sure your answers are clear, detailed, personal and relevant. Also, make sure to check your grammar and spelling before submitting your application. We are seeking people with drive, reliability, creativity and the willingness to continually learn. Try to demonstrate this throughout your application.

What is the deadline to submit my application and will this reopen?

The deadline will be advertised on each job advert.

Is there a word limit for my application answers and will the length of my answers affect my chances of being progressed to the next stage?

There is no word limit, however, the more detailed your answers are, the stronger your application will be. We would recommend providing as much information to support your answers and ensure your answers are relevant to the scheme you are applying to.

Can I make any changes once I have submitted my application?

No, unfortunately, you will not be able to make any changes to your application form.

When will I know whether my application has been successful?

The early careers recruitment team will process applications after the advert closing date. You will receive communication confirming the status of your application within 4 weeks of the closing date. If you have been successful, your application will be forwarded onto the relevant team for consideration. The business will then decide whether to progress you onto the interview stage which will likely take place from December onwards.

Online assessment

How long do I get to complete the online assessment?

You will have five days to complete the assessment.

After the assessment, what is the next stage and how long do I have to complete it?

The next stage after the assessment is the application form. You will have five days to complete your application.

What does the online assessment involve?

This assesses the key behaviours and strengths that we feel are core to our business. It will involve video and scenario based questions which you are expected to answer honestly. There is also a numerical element to the assessment.

Can I prepare beforehand?

No. You will not be expected to prepare before taking the online assessment.

I have not completed the online assessment within the five day allowance, can I request additional time?

No, we will be unable to extend the deadline that we have provided. The only time we will allow an extension will be for exceptional circumstances in which case you will be expected to inform the early careers recruitment team as soon as possible.

What is the online assessment used for?

We feel this is the fairest way to assess your suitability and a useful way to recruit individuals who don't have a lot of work experience. As you are not required to prepare, we hope that your answers are more likely to bring out your genuine behaviours and responses to every day scenarios which may arise in the working environment.

Is the online assessment timed and does this contribute to my overall score?

No, the online assessment is not timed and will not contribute to your overall score. However, we do monitor the time it has taken you to complete the assessment. It should take approximately 30 minutes.

I am experiencing technical problems, how do I resolve this?

Firstly, follow the guidance provided on the assessment invite email. Please refresh your webpage and try clearing out your cache and cookies. If you are still experiencing problems after following these steps, please contact the early careers recruitment team.


When will interviews start taking place?

Interviews will start taking place as soon as applications have been screened and reviewed by the business. Interviews are typically scheduled from December onwards.

What is involved in the interview and how do I prepare?

In most instances you will only have one interview which is strength based and requires no preparation. This is because the questions that are asked, focus on what you enjoy doing which helps us identify your strengths and allows us to gain a genuine insight into your interests, behaviours and personality. We do expect you to research Mott MacDonald and have a good understanding of the types of projects we work on, challenges we face and our core values.

What shall I do if I am running late to my interview or I can no longer attend?

Contact the early careers recruitment team by calling or emailing as soon as possible.

Can I claim back travel expenses from my interview?

If you are invited to attend a face to face interview, we will reimburse your travel expenses. Please keep your receipt and we will advise you on how to claim back this cost after your interview.

What happens once an offer has been made?

You will receive your offer documentation and onboarding instructions from the early careers recruitment team. Once you have formally accepted our offer, we will then provide you with a designated buddy from the team you will be joining who will be able to assist you with any queries prior to your start date.

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