Vanessa Lhopital

Graduate Development Programme

"After more than a year in Eaton I can now say that it has even exceeded my expectations..."

Why did you choose Eaton as a place to work?

After my master’s degree and two first years of experience, I was looking for career development opportunities and particularly for a position in a leadership development programme in different industries. Looking at a list of companies with such offerings on the web, I discovered Eaton was one of them and started digging, to end up finding out that it was exactly the kind of company I really wanted to work for: focused in engineering, investing in innovation, with a company culture and values, and committed to being an employer of reference. After more than a year in Eaton I can now say that it has even exceeded my expectations, first of all at programme level, regarding career enhancement opportunities, fast-track growth and learning, mentoring and leadership exposure, etc. and at organsational level, by “walking the talk” in terms of ethics and values.

What do you like most about Eaton?

I would say that what I appreciate the most in my everyday life at Eaton is really the company culture. Having worked in my first rotation in Italy and my second in Germany, I feel like, besides cultural differences, I have found in all Eaton locations the same spirit, the same way of thinking. It gathers many things, from the result-driven approach, being judged on what you deliver, setting clear and challenging expectations, taking initiative, to people being open and accessible at any level within the organisation. I also appreciate the fact that Eaton is a company willing to stay, in the meantime looking for profit and also ensuring decisions are made in the long term and our growth is sustainable.

What has been your greatest learning experience?

My greatest learning experience comes from a 2-day technical innovation workshop I had the chance to participate in. It enabled me to better comprehend Eaton’s strategy by understanding that, to remain a key player in the market, a company has to innovate and develop new products over and over, and that if we want to build a sustainable future we need to generate new ideas and implement them, to be always a step further than what our customers are expecting. And to achieve this, and this is probably the greatest learning for me here, that creativity is something that you can work on and actually develop. When I am talking about learning such, I am not only referring to knowing this as a concept, but also to all the tools that Eaton has provided me with to get better at finding new concepts, the tools that allow you to set your mind in another way of thinking, as if you were a different person, finding what-if constraints that will stretch your approach, and to expect that there is always a new possible move to play.

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