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Mustafa Huseyin

Aerospace Engineering

"Eaton provides the opportunities, the vital tools and the perfect environment to be able to practice my profession to my maximum potential"

Why did you choose Eaton as a place to work?

Eaton’s proactive attitude, which is a key asset to the business, and the nature of the company, which I am now very familiar with, were evident from the very beginning. I had heard about the corporation's search for their first EMEA ETLP hires from my university careers service and that within a couple of weeks they would be holding campus interviews. My now functional manager had interviewed me and explained all the different sectors Eaton was conducting business in, the diversity of leadership and engineering opportunities Eaton was able to offer for a young a university graduate on their leadership development programme and their expectation of me to work in different locations around Europe. The clear direction and structure of all the opportunities presented, coupled with the open and honest explanation of the challenging requirements that I should expect, was exactly the type of company I wanted as my first employer after completing my studies.

What do you like most about Eaton?

I have the responsibility of driving my own career. Eaton provides the opportunities, the vital tools and the perfect environment to be able to practice my profession to my maximum potential. As a potential future leader of the business it is critical that programme participants need to understand the way Eaton does business, the processes and tools Eaton uses and the forefront technologies that we are leading. It is an admirable accomplishment that Eaton can integrate all these together and still keep the employee the main driver of their own career, as well as understanding that we all have different aspirations and career paths we would like to follow.

What has been your greatest learning experience?

My first international assignment. I am an aerospace engineer by degree and have been assigned an electromechanical project in the automotive group for my second rotation of the programme, combined with working abroad makes this my greatest learning experience yet. Learning about different technologies and new applications on a day-to-day basis requires self-confidence and a strong desire for success. It is a very rare opportunity to be given the chance to experiment, learn from mistakes and add value to the business so early on in one’s career, especially in such a competitive business. If I was to give any advice to engineers joining this programme today, it will have to be to stay focused on your end goals, take the risk when you need to and communicate clearly every step of the way.

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