Team Lead, Technical Client Management and Support

"The people at Trayport make it a really great place to work."

What do you do at Trayport?

I manage one of the three trader focused Support and Technical Client Management teams who provide support and technical consultancy services to our trader clients.

What attracted you to Trayport?

I interviewed for Trayport whilst still in the final year of my Computer Science degree. Beforehand, I hadn’t heard of Trayport, nor knew anything about the energy markets or trading. I was instantly interested in the role and market sector, and the interviews showed what a great place this is to work.

What do you most love about Trayport?

The people at Trayport make it a really great place to work. Everyone is extremely focused, dedicated, highly intelligent, friendly and always willing to help. You’re encouraged to propose improvements and new ideas which you can drive forwards.

Tell us about the Trayport culture

Q14R (Quick One for the Road). Trayport Spam puns. Gaming nights. Movie nights. Weekends away. Banter. The list goes on!

What do you need to be successful at Trayport?

You need to be dedicated and focused on working closely with your team and with other teams across the company. You need to be aware of the wider company objectives and work towards those goals, be passionate to fulfil our clients’ requirements and provide the highest quality service.

What are the biggest challenges about working in Trayport and within your role?

The biggest challenges for my role within TCMS is effective time management and client expectation management. We receive lots of different requests from our clients on a daily basis, varying in complexity and urgency and requiring you to efficiently multi-task. It’s critical that we ensure each request is treated with the appropriate priority and urgency and that clients receive the highest quality service.

How have you developed both professionally and personally while at Trayport?

Trayport was my first role straight out of university so my professional experience was limited to my one year in industry as part of my degree. Working at Trayport has allowed me to understand the wide range of teams it takes to build a successful business. I have progressed my technical, client facing and personal skills over the last five years, progressing up through the ranks. Personally, I have grown in confidence of my ability to deliver what is expected of me and my team.

What do you like to do when you’re not at Trayport?

I absolutely love to travel and explore new cultures. I’ve really got into road cycling in the last couple of years and enjoy spinning, running, DIY and all things technology.

Tell us a random fact about yourself

I’m really into pole dancing, both the fitness and gymnastics side. I attend classes each week with a pole at home too!

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