Undergraduate degree: Physics

"Knowing that the IOP had faith in my ability to teach the next generation was incredibly motivating"

Undergraduate degree: Physics
Teaching qualification:
Physics with Maths PGCE

"The whole training year itself just seems to fly by, but there are definitely many highlights along the way. Not only do you make friends with the staff within your placement schools, but the highlight for me was also the amount of new peers you make. I believe that due to being a large cohort of people all going through the same tough year, the bonds you make with these new peers are ones that will last a long time.

My ultimate highlight would be the fact that I have actually completed the course without too many stressful moments and have attained myself employment at a school that I eagerly await to work at!

Being on the IOP scholarship programme has helped me in numerous different ways. Firstly, attaining the scholarship itself provided me with a lot of self-confidence as a teacher, knowing that the IOP had faith in my ability to teach the next generation was incredibly motivating. The scholarship also gave me great pride to be partaking on this career path and was very valuable when applying for employment, as not many people can declare that they have been handpicked from the Institute of Physics; a great attraction for any employer.

Finally, it goes without saying that the financial aid the scholarship provides was also exceptionally helpful. The financial stability the scholarship provided also allowed me to maintain a good social lifestyle despite the high work load, thus generating a successful work and social life balance which I believe is extremely important."

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