Sharon Wilson

Assembly Engineering Section Manager

"Throughout the company there is a huge emphasis on teamwork, and people will always help and support each other."

Having completed an MEng in Engineering Manufacturing and Management at UMIST (Manchester), I started at TMUK on 7th September 1998. I completed a 2 year graduate programme which included a number of off the job training courses as well as on the job development in the engineering department. As a “line engineer” my role was to provide direct engineering support to the production groups, which involved reactive problem solving and proactive implementation of minor vehicle or equipment changes.

After completing the graduate programme I moved to a project engineer role working on new vehicle and equipment implementation. This role required the investigation and understanding of major upcoming changes and development of solutions to enable these changes to work in our plant.

In 2005 I was promoted to Engineering Section Manager and led a team of line engineers in direct line support. After one year I moved into a Production Section Manager role which meant managing a section of the Assembly shop with around 120 members in my organisation (including shift work).

After taking maternity leave I returned to the engineering department leading the development of management systems and process design methodology. Through these projects we have achieved over 20% improvement in efficiency over the last 6 years. I am now responsible for ensuring that all of this learning is incorporated into the introduction of our new model, giving us a strong foundation for the next level of efficiency improvements.

Over the years I have worked with a wide range of people within TMUK and in other plants, including business trips to Japan, Canada, Russia, Turkey and France. Throughout the company there is a huge emphasis on teamwork, and people will always help and support each other. Although it is often challenging, it is also very rewarding to be part of an organisation where everyone works together to achieve long term success.

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