Security Scheme

"My first year has been a rollercoaster and I can't believe it is over already!"

Your first day at BT: I was pretty nervous on my first day as I didn’t really know what to expect, there had been a number of emails explaining where I needed to be and when, but they had kept the content a secret. The first thing that struck me was the number of graduates all starting at the same time as me. My assessment centre had only been 3 people so gave BT a very small and personal feeling, suddenly I was in a room of over 200 people and I realised I was joining something big. And that really set me up for the rest of my time at BT, at a team level we might be working closely with only a few people, but all of those little teams use graduates, and all of those little teams build up to the global company BT is today.

Your first year at BT: My first year has been a rollercoaster and I can’t believe it is over already! Looking back it has been heavily focussed on learning. I found that my University courses (and many others) are pretty theoretical, “I’ll demo how to do X in a business environment”, then you get to BT and it becomes: “Yes that is how you would do X, now go and do it with support”. That feels very daunting, but there is a great support network in BT and your teams are used to Graduates, they know you’re going to need help and that you might need extra time. This is what the Graduate scheme is all about! Putting things you have learnt into practice and to BT specifications. I love learning, so getting paid to develop my skills is a great position to be in.

How I got here: I had just completed my Undergraduate course at Bournemouth University when I joined BT on the graduate scheme. My degree was in Digital Forensics and Security, so I knew the direction I wanted to take in BT. This was all openly discussed in my application, video interview and assessment centre as I had many opportunities to be personal and very relaxed throughout the application process. This personal angle to BT is why It was suggested I applied by my Course leader at University, He realised that I can articulate my ideas and I enjoy discussing security with everyone, not an opportunity all jobs in the security industry really allow for.

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