Placement Student

"Gradcracker first met Yasser when he contacted us for advice on how to apply for a placement. We gave him our advice and look what happened next..."

In early 2016 I went to an insight day at Network Rail. I was able to network with some of the senior staff which enabled me to secure an internship for the summer.

I was a project intern and some of my roles included engaging and liaising with different civil engineering departments and creating reports that summarised sketches along with AutoCAD illustrations.

The placement went very well! I was involved with the crossrail project and I was tasked to make reports and summaries on bridges due to there being a new regulation to the sides of bridges (parapets).

I also learnt a lot about how to go about developing my career – it was very similar to what Gradcracker advised me. And because of Gradcracker, I came across an opportunity which allowed me to develop my key skills in communication and collaboration.

My advice to all students would be to take any opportunity you can which enables you to gain some experience, especially in the current situation of lockdown. It's important that you gain exposure within the industry that you would like to work in.

This will not just show employers that you are determined and keen to learn but it will also develop your key skills!