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Meet Niamh
"It’s been a great place to start my career because of the flexibility it’s given me; it’s easy to switch to a different team or role if you realise you’re enjoying or interested in something else. It’s not a place for just sitting back, you have to be intuitive and determined. It feels like I’m valued as an individual on the scheme, not just a number."


Meet Boris
"The work we do is so customer focused and interesting, we’re changing the way the world pays and you can really feel that we’re trying to be the best at it. There are so many opportunities here if you want to explore them, once you’ve earned your manager’s trust, you can progress and work on the things that interest you most."


Meet Arthur
“If you’re eager to learn and open to different opportunities, you’ll do well here. The great thing about this graduate scheme is that you can reach across different departments and everyone is happy to help and get stuck in. I was looking for a setup that was halfway between a global organisation and the environment and flexibility of a start up."


Meet Tom
"It’s a complex industry with so much to learn and because you’re around people who really know their stuff, you will. I really like that it’s got a culture of people preferring face-to-face interactions rather than just sending emails, it gives it much more social and friendly feel and you get to know people quicker."


Meet Lucca
"You don’t have to be the loudest person in the room to succeed here; if people sense you’re interested and want to learn, they’ll push and encourage you. That’s one of the reasons I joined, I felt they’d really invest in my potential. And because we’re doing such interesting things with data and tech, I feel like you get experience and training just by showing up and being around the people you work with. If you’re interested, people will always give you the time which is what I love about the culture."


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David Stevens, Head of Infrastructure and Operations

"Payments is an exciting, fast-moving sector"

Rajesh Nichani - Head of Application Development

"We have a huge programme of work - huge meaning half a billion pounds - to actually..."
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