Digital transformation in the public sector: how to get ahead

Added: 14th March 2019 by Sparta Global

In the UK there are at least 19 government digital transformation programmes currently underway - at a cost of almost £38 billion. But public sector organisations are facing a number of significant challenges when it comes to overhauling their IT offerings, including: access to skilled digital talent; upskilling a legacy workforce and cultivating a diverse tech workforce.

By 2020 there will be an estimated one million unfilled jobs in the IT sector - a result of today's fast-moving technology industry and slow-moving tech talent pipeline. With Brexit also looming and a dark cloud hanging over access to tech talent outside of the UK, competition for digitally minded candidates is fierce and traditional recruitment channels are over-loaded with demand.

Finding and retaining digital talent

In the past 12 months Sparta Global has secured multimillion-pound contracts with three central government departments and three government agencies to provide critical digital and technology skills. Our Spartan consultants offer a low-risk and cost-effective alternative to contingent workforce solutions and outsourcing, representing a skilled and diverse talent pool that will instantly add value and build permanent capability for the future.

Specialist training providers such as Sparta Global upskill young graduates through specific job-related training and prepare them to hit the ground running in a digital role. Located across the UK, our high impact training academies upskill hundreds of graduates each year in areas aligned with the DDaT (Digital, Data and Technology) Profession Capability Framework. In just a few short months our bootcamp-style training courses can teach students the practical job skills that may otherwise take years of university schooling.

How we can help

Our academies are an alternative resource that is available now and will allow the UK to nurture its tech talent and bridge the digital skills gap before it’s too late.

Consultants are supported by Sparta Global when deployed, and can eventually be transitioned to permanent members of staff – making our model a low cost, low risk and flexible talent solution.

As a Sparta Global partner, an organisation will have access to:

  • Consultants with industry-relevant training that make an immediate impact on projects once deployed
  • Ongoing support for each consultant from a dedicated Account Manager, our Support Team and Delivery Team, ensuring consultants follow a structured career path while continuing to develop onsite
  • The opportunity to shape a diverse and inclusive tech workforce representative of the UK today
  • The ability to retain digital talent and build permanent capability through our conversion to permanent model
  • Consultants that are permanent employees of our business and are therefore exempt from ongoing changes to contingent labour legislation

Our partner John Reber, IT Programme Manager at the Ministry of Justice, says; “We have a large number of projects where we need to embed testers. We use a blend of Sparta Global's highly experienced consultants and like to bring in some graduate talent as well. There's a huge raft of skills that need to be filled and through the different interests of the Sparta Global 'Spartan' consultants, we have the means to do so."