Rights Executive

"My advice would be don't think and just go for it. ITV produces and sells some amazing content, and you can be part of a team that helps ITV build on its growing reputation around the Globe."

Hi Jordan! What do you do?

I work in the ITV Studios' Rights Department, as part of the division known as Rights Assessment. We are currently a team of seven and our primary role is to provide support to ITV Global Distribution and Global Entertainment's Sales teams, who sell our owned and acquired content worldwide in the form of finished tape (long form and short form) and format licences from our wealthy programme catalogue.

What does a normal working day look like for you?

No two days are the same which makes this job so appealing. My day will begin with checking emails, replying to Sales Coordinators in relation to any queries they may have. We each work independently from our own mailboxes, but also collectively answer email queries from our shared team mailbox, which receives a wide range of queries/requests, there is always something you have never come across before!
The bulk of my work centers around our In-House rights system, PARIS. This is used by GD and GE's Sales Coordinators to set up licences for their clients. It is within this system we can assess the rights position for the clients programme selections, and provide feedback on issues that need addressing in order for a licence to be issued.

I am currently working alongside our Content ID team who manage our content across Youtube. We have a number of new and exciting Youtube Channels, and with my help, the team is finding hidden gems within our catalogue that we're able to exploit. The growth over the past few months has been exponential and it's great to see these Channels blossom.

As a Rights Executive what’s the most important part of your job?

I could mention the importance of attention to detail, the ability to prioritise and organise your workload, but the most crucial thing to me is communication. Our sales teams are working to tight deadlines, which ultimately means we are too, and having a strong line of communication between ourselves and them ensures nothing is unaccounted for and misinterpreted. A breakdown in communication can lose them a client so it's important our sales teams understand the information we are providing them.

How is a department like this set up?

ITV Studios' Rights Department is split into two teams, Rights Data and Rights Assessment. In a few words, Rights Data are responsible for inputting programme rights within the system, and as noted my team assess those rights against GD/GE's requirements for their clients. Both Rights teams are made up of Rights Executives, Senior Rights Executives and Rights Managers. The Rights Managers report into our Head of Rights Management, who reports to our Director of Business Affairs for ITV Studios UK.

What made you apply for this role?

I started at ITV back in 2011 working in the Document Archive. I was in this role up until October 2019 when I finally made the leap into Rights. My archive role allowed me to communicate with the Rights teams on a daily basis and I built great working relationships with them and knew it would be a great move if I could land myself a role. You have the opportunity to engage with many areas of the business and learn a great deal about such a complex part of what many on the outside just see as Television! I have developed so much as a person in the past year and a half, and I feel this role has brought out the best in me.

What advice would you give to someone who thinks they would like to pursue a career in Rights?

My advice would be don't think and just go for it. ITV produces and sells some amazing content, and you can be part of a team that helps ITV build on its growing reputation around the Globe.

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