Haidar Altaie

Associate System Engineer Apprentice, SAS

"Working at SAS made me feel valued from day one."

There is a real strong and close community at SAS to thrive to support one another, no matter who you are, which is inestimable as a new joiner from University. SAS is an incredible place to learn and grown with so many knowledgeable people around you. I’ve loved every day more than the last.

Employee Profiles

Jamie Oram - Associate IT Software Developer Apprentice, SAS

"I am amazed, that for a company of such size I am recognised as an individual, with so..."

Katie Pegoraro - Programme Manager, Work Life Center, SAS

"I never imagined I would have a job like this and that’s because, outside of SAS, there..."

Jared Peterson - Sr. Manager, Advanced Analytics, R&D, SAS

"This place is amazing, but it didn't happen by accident. We have to remind ourselves..."

Adefemi Bankole-Bakare - Associate Systems Engineer Apprentice, SAS

"The resources and help available from this company is unimaginable."
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