Our History

1946 - North Midland Construction was formed
North Midland Construction (NMC) commenced trading on 6th December 1946 as a partnership between William Morris and Major Terence Moyle after a chance meeting at the Grosvenor Hotel, Chester. Jimmy McKenna joined the company as the first ever employee. NMC’s first contract was for the General Post Office, laying ducts for their national network starting in Alfreton, Derbyshire.
1966 - A developing business
The NMC brand developed and became established working all over England and Wales on General Post Office duct contracts and road maintenance contracts. The company was floated on the Birmingham Stock Exchange in 1966 at which time it had a turnover of £250k per annum.
1982-1985 - Full quotation and head office relocation

In 1982, NMC gained a full quotation as a Public Limited Company on the London Stock Exchange giving the business access to a wide variety of financial backing. In 1985 the group had outgrown its head office and it was time to say goodbye to Daybrook, Nottingham. Chosen for its location next to the M1, Nunn Close in Huthwaite became the new, ever expanding Head Office complex.


1998-1999 - Nomenca Subsidiary launched

In 1998 as the Civil Engineering Division gathered momentum within the Water industry Nomenca Limited was formed as the Mechanical and Electrical subsidiary of NMC. In 1999, Chairman and co founder Major Terence Moyle retired after 54 years service. The new Chairman and Chief Executive, Robert Moyle took over the reins, having already been with the Company for over 25 years.

2005-2006 - Major company milestones and a sad passing
Sadly in April 2005 Major Terence Moyle passed away. In 2006 NMC (Nottingham Evening Post - Company of the Year) celebrated its 60th Anniversary with a record turnover £175m, pre-tax profit of £5.5m and we had now grown to 971 employees. NMC secured a place on the Severn Trent Water AMP5 Framework which secured circa £750m turnover over the next ten years.
2012 - NM Building brought into NMC
Nomenca Limited reaches £80m turnover and there are >1,000 employees within the NM Group. Although North Midland Building Limited (NMB) had many successes, in 2012 it was decided that NMB would become a division of NMC and cease trading as a limited company.
2014-2016 - Consolidation as NM Group
Turnover reaches £193m. 1,149 employees within NM Group. A strategic decision was made to bring the divisions and remaining subsidiary under one banner The North Midland Construction PLC Group (NM Group). In June 2016 NM Group, announced the appointment of John Homer as the new Chief Executive. Robert Moyle remained in the business as our Executive Chairman.

Our business is rebranded as nmcn which will build on the fantastic success of our business to date and create further opportunities for growth.