Project Engineer

"I believe that nmcn has allowed me to develop myself and that I am recognised as an individual for my own contribution whilst being able to work in a vibrant team."

How long have you been working with nmcn?

I joined nmcn in January 2016 and since then have been working in the Sewer Rehabilitation and Requisition team.

Provide a brief summary of your role and the type of work you undertake on a daily basis:

My role as a project engineer involves looking at the design, health and safety and management of several schemes. Some of the office-based tasks include undertaking design drawings and design optioneering (including pipe long-sections, route and layout drawings, manhole design and land entry drawings), communicating with various stakeholders, carrying out health and safety and risk assessments, review of key documentation, undertaking collaborative planning and programme reviews. I am also able to regularly attend site to undertake walkovers and to visit various sites to improve upon my own experience and knowledge of the industry.

What are your ambitions for the future?

I would like to continue to broaden my design experience and would eventually like to obtain a design lead role and a team lead role assisting to deliver works and managing a team in the infra waste workstream. I would also like to work towards ICE chartership initially by completing my Engtech application.

How does nmcn support you in achieving your career ambitions/aspirations?

Since joining I have been actively supported by several of my colleagues to achieve my Engtech qualification. I have also been able to attend a management training course which I hope will be beneficial in my future career. I have been able to talk openly about my career aspirations during my appraisal and have been supported.

How have you progressed since joining nmcn?

Since joining nmcn I have developed my understanding of the industry and improved both my design and management skills. I am now able to undertake a much broader range of schemes and have regularly assisted newer members of the team.

How would you describe the culture and working environment at nmcn?

The culture and working environment are some of the main factors which drew me to work for nmcn. The culture reinforces working as a team, friendliness and approachability. People are happy and engaged and I find I am able to get out of bed and be enthusiastic about turning up to work. I feel that I am treated as an individual within the organisation and not just a number and that I am given responsibility and allowed to manage my own workload and tasks.

How is nmcn different to other companies?

I believe nmcn gives its employees the opportunity to voice their own opinions, the regular business updates and communication means we are kept in touch with the business progression, given a say regarding improvements and are given opportunities to progress our skills and try out different types of projects. I have found my peers here eager to assist when needed and the overarching feeling of inclusion and friendliness is fantastic.

Would you recommend a career with nmcn?

Yes, I have enjoyed my time here. I have learnt so much and have been given opportunities to progress. I believe that nmcn has allowed me to develop myself and that I am recognised as an individual for my own contribution whilst being able to work in a vibrant team.