Site Manager

"The biggest opportunity for me was being given the chance to decide on where I want to develop and then having the support to help me get there"

How long have you been working with nmcn?

Just over 4 years, including an undergraduate year placement.

What development opportunities are there at nmcn?

The biggest opportunity for me was being given the chance to decide on where I want to develop and then having the support to help me get there. There are great opportunities to develop both technical knowledge and management skills as well as mentoring for professional accreditation. The industry is facing a skills shortage and nmcn is focused on developing people within the business to get the resources we need.

What attracted you to a career in construction?

Being interested in DIY from a young age tempted me in to studying civil engineering, when I arrived at my first site during my placement year, I fell in love.

What do you find most interesting about your job?

It brings energy in to your life. By choosing the site-based route, I’m travelling between sites, seeing new places, meeting new people and being around big machinery and interesting projects whilst playing a big part in engineering a solution for both the client and the community.

How does nmcn support you in achieving your career ambitions/aspirations?

Mainly by giving me the chance to try new things and take the path that I want. My line manager always supports me and having good relationships with colleagues throughout the business helps if you need support in their field of expertise.

What is the most important thing you have learnt since working at nmcn?

You don’t know what you don’t know, but you’re learning all the time.

How has nmcn played a role in your long-term career development?

I feel that I have been given more opportunities than any other firm could offer. I started nmcn as a graduate site engineer and worked my way up to site manager in just 3 years. It’s not been easy but I’m really happy with the vast experience and knowledge stemming from the varied projects we do.

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