Rewards and Benefits

BlackRock offers a comprehensive total rewards and benefits package, including a range of benefits, programmes and resources to meet the varying needs of talent across the firm.

Financial wellness 

BlackRock has a special responsibility to help you build a sound financial future for yourself and your family. Our comprehensive financial wellness programme provides access to a variety of resources, learning opportunities and expert guidance to help you achieve your goals at each stage of life.

Offers help with:

  • Retirement savings.
  • Personal investments.
  • Learning and guidance. 

Personal wellness programme

Nothing is more important than the well-being of you and your family. That’s why BlackRock offers a comprehensive personal wellness programme that provides resources to help you take charge of your health, encourage a healthy lifestyle and better manage health care costs.

The programme offers:

  • Comprehensive coverage.
  • Savings and spending accounts.
  • Health and Wellness programme.

Work/life support 

We’re focused on helping you more easily manage your work and personal lives. Our time-off and life management programmes are:

  • Life management.
  • Flexible time off.
  • Saving opportunities.