Our People


"The best thing for me was the initial training that equipped me to immediately take on responsibility when I started real project work. Also, everyone is extremely approachable including the senior managers and the working environment is very calm and relaxed."



"I like the variety of work we do and the different technical challenges that brings. I feel I am always learning and strengthening my skills as an all-round software developer. Bluesmith is an exciting place to work, full of very talented people. We have a relaxed office environment and everyone is really friendly."



"I've found the best things about Bluesmith are the challenges that I'm faced with every day and how different the problems I have to solve can be. I like the variety of the challenges, how they allow me to develop different skills and contribute to supporting our customers in different ways."



"I enjoy the variety of projects that I'm given to work on and when I joined I immediately felt like I was part of the team as everyone here was very welcoming."

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