Swansea Medical Engineering Society (MedEng)

The Medical Engineering Society was founded on the basis of three principles; Professional Development, Networking and Peer support. The main focus of the society was to employ extracurricular events in order for university students to gain a greater understanding and knowledge of what it takes to be a good Medical Engineer. This...

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Members typically study

  • Computing/Technology
  • Materials & Minerals
  • Mechanical/Manufacturing
  • Sciences/Maths
The society was founded in 2013
Over 3 years the intake has increased rapidly
We hold many events and trips held each year
We have over 180 likes on our Facebook page

Recent Projects

Swansea University Medical Engineering Student Research Projects 2015/16

Image Analysis of Human Embryos – Megan Lloyd Imaging is a vitally important sector of the biomedical engineering industry. My research focuses on the automatic analysis within the cleavage stage of the development of a human embryo, using the ImageJ image analysis program. The purpose of this is to...