Application Processes

What fitness level do you need to attain?
Royal Air Force - video
Keith Edge, from Engineering Recruitment, talks about the fitness assessment that is part of the Royal Air Force's recruitment process.
"They just want to see that you're a nice person and easy to work with!"
ABB Ltd - video
Sarah, Graduate Process Engineer, shares her experience of ABB's application process.
"We've made a few subtle changes to our recruitment process this year..."
Science & Technology Facilities Council - video
Ben Bealing, from STFC, summarises the company's recruitment process and its adjustments in response to COVID-19.
How can I prepare to apply for Cummins?
Cummins - video
Cummins' Talent Acquisition Coordinator, Grace Gill, outlines the application process and suggests ways that you can prepare.
Tayla's tips on applying to MBDA
MBDA UK - video
“It didn’t go well, but this is what I learnt from it – we’re interested in things like that as well.” Tayla Shelford, HR Advisor.
"Think about what energises you"
KPMG - video
Charlynn Koranteng, Recruiter at KPMG, runs through the company's strengths-based application process and describes how you can succeed.
Application advice from Anuj and Monika at INEOS
INEOS - podcast
Hear it straight from the horse's mouth! Here are some application hints & tips from Anuj, Feedstock Trading Analyst, and Monika, Commercialisation Manager, at INEOS – they could really help you with your application!
"Safety is paramount"
Atkins - podcast
Niamh, Atkins’ Early Careers Graduate Recruitment Advisor, updates us on the application process for the company’s 2021 graduate intake in light of the coronavirus pandemic.
"Try not to be nervous!"
CGG - podcast
A CGG graduate shares his advice for those thinking about going through CGG's application process.
How to put your best foot forward
Barclays - blog
Discover Barclays' hints and tips on how you can prepare for their application process.
“Getting constructive feedback is absolutely essential”
Atkins - podcast
Find out how feedback from employers helped Louis, Safety Engineer, land his ideal role at Atkins.
Siemens' application process: FAQs
Siemens - blog
Explore the answers to some of Siemens' frequently asked questions, such as: can I retake an online test, what is a strengths-based interview, and how can I track my application?
"We want you to do well"
WSP - podcast
Mel, WSP’s Recruitment Manager, describes what the company does to support its applicants throughout the application process.
"The Royal Navy's application process is very different."
Royal Navy - podcast
Recent Royal Navy interns tell us about the first stage of the application process and why it's different to other companies.
"Reach out to us"
Atkins - podcast
Learn about what Atkins' does to ensure that all applicants are able to perform to the best of their ability.
Tesco's application process: step by step
Tesco - video
Idowu, Technology Product Graduate, outlines the programme's application process.
The application process for an internship at the Royal Navy
Royal Navy - podcast
Stage 2 of the application process, explained to us by the current Royal Navy interns.
Joining the RAF as a Commonwealth national
Royal Air Force - video
Sunith de Fonseka, AeroSystems Engineer, joined the Royal Air Force as a Commonwealth national. Watch this video to find out more about his experiences!
Learn about the GSK recruitment process
GlaxoSmithKline - video
Joshua Carney, Early Talent Recruitment and Attraction, talks us through the GSK recruitment process – well worth a watch/listen before applying to GSK!
"We've had to really change our approach"
ABB Ltd - video
Find out how ABB's recruitment process has changed in light of COVID-19 from its head of recruitment, Jackie.
"We're always looking for the right person"
Royal Air Force - video
Keith Edge, from Engineering Recruitment in the Royal Air Force, shares his inside knowledge of the RAF's application process.
Applying to grad schemes – my top 10 tips
Centrica - blog
"I want to provide my top 10 tips for this stressful, but very important period." Abhishek Kulkani, Commercial Marketing Graduate.
"We have a very personal process"
INEOS - podcast
INEOS want to get to know you personally early on. There's no online testing, no third party involvement and no virtual interviews! Annie Collins, HR Director at INEOS, briefly runs through the application process for graduates.
“Take time to understand Network Rail”
Network Rail - podcast
Integrated Talent Solutions Advisor Nina outlines the application process at Network Rail – from the psychometric test, to the virtual interview, to the assessment centre.
Your route into Deloitte
Deloitte - blog
Want a step-by-step guide to your route in to an amazing career at Deloitte? Read on.
“Let your personality shine through”
Atkins - podcast
Atkins' Geotechnical Engineer Suzzy and Recruitment Advisor Niamh outline all the things you should definitely include in your application.
The application process for an internship opportunity at WSP
WSP - podcast
Mel, the Recruitment Manager from WSP, explains the application process for their internship roles.
"We want to see the real you"
Procter & Gamble - podcast
Kirsty, Operations Department Manager, is involved in P&G's recruitment process; listen to her three top tips on the application process.
Andy on the application process at Arup
Arup - podcast
Andy, from the early careers team at Arup, gives us the low down on the application process.
“Don’t write yourself off”
SSE - podcast
Graduates Michael and Craig give some honest and extremely important advice to students who are thinking about applying to SSE.
Top tips for Atkins' application process
Atkins - podcast
Niamh, Atkins' Recruiter, outlines the application process at Atkins' and gives her top tips.
Intern's experiences of the application process at WSP
WSP - podcast
Listen to how Ed and Tom managed the application process and why they were successful in landing their placements with WSP.
Useful tips from AECOM
AECOM - blog
Learn all about AECOM's application and assessment process for its UK&I Graduate Development Programme.
Omar's application journey with Network Rail
Network Rail - podcast
Network Rail graduate, Omar, gives us an insight into his application journey.