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Here you’ll find advice from a range of our employers. The advice from each employer is specific to them. However, no matter who you’re applying to, there are certain things that every employer will look for. For a quick overview, simply click the box below.

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"It helps you to gage interest"
CGG - video (2 mins)
Melissa and Mckenzie, graduates at CGG, reveal the importance of research and describe how they prepared for their interviews.
Where could I end up?
Severn Trent - video (2 mins)
Find out how Rose went from being a Physics and Astrophysics student, to deciding a PhD wasn't for her, to becoming a Severn Trent Graduate!
From chemistry to technology
Sky - video (4 mins)
Caroline studied Chemistry at university. Find out why, and how, she became a Technology Graduate at Sky.
Is teaching for you?
Institute of Physics - video (10 mins)
What aspects of your degree have you enjoyed the most? This may help you decide on your future career... We spoke to trainee teachers from the Institute of Physics to find out what made them decide teaching was right for them.
Expect the unexpected... Preparation is key!
Emerson - video (2 mins)
Carla, Account Director at Gradcracker, gives a prime example of why preparation is so important!
Get the most out of the Employer Hubs on Gradcracker!
Emerson - video (5 mins)
Use the Employer Hubs on Gradcracker to research employers before you apply! They’re full of useful information such as, employee profiles, videos, application advice & FAQs.
Applying to Early Careers at Thales
Thales - video (3 mins)
Graduates at Thales in the UK describe what research they did prior to applying to the company's Early Careers programmes.
Thinking of applying to Atkins?
Atkins - video (4 mins)
Here's some hints and tips from Louis Moore, Safety Engineer at Atkins.
Understanding what's right for you
Martin-Baker - video (5 mins)
This conversation with graduates at Martin-Baker should help you weigh up some of your options when it comes to choosing a graduate role ( i.e. graduate jobs vs graduate schemes, and big organisations vs smaller companies).
Are your options open?
Fujitsu - video (3 mins)
We hear from Becky, Software Development Graduate at Fujitsu, on how she ended up in her current role.
A guide to Babcock's Gradcracker Hub
Babcock International Group - video (2 mins)
We spoke to some of the placement students and graduates at Babcock who found their job on Gradcracker. Find out which areas of Babcock's Gradcracker hub they found most useful when putting together their application.
What year group should I teach?
Institute of Physics - video (5 mins)
Trainee teachers from the Institute of Physics explain how they decided what year group they would like to teach.
Deciding what you want to do as a career
BT - video (2 mins)
From using the process of elimination, to being brave and accepting new opportunities – these graduates from BT and Openreach give some great advice on how to find the job that's right for you.
What emphasis does Network Rail put on preparation?
Network Rail - video (2 mins)
It is important that you can apply skills and experience from your university course to Network Rail's application process. Listen to find out more.
"Think outside the box"
Mercedes-AMG Petronas Formula One Team - video (1 min)
In a webinar with Mercedes-AMG Petronas F1 Team, Gradcracker's Carla highlights the importance of taking the time to explore different career routes.
Watch the Gradcracker webinars!
BT - video (1 min)
During a webinar with BT and Openreach, Gradcracker's Carla explains why our webinars with employers are a great research tool. Discover how you can use them to your advantage during the application process.
"I spent a long time looking at different options"
Mewburn Ellis LLP - video (1 min)
Isobel, Patent Attorney in Engineering at Mewburn Ellis, describes how she discovered her ideal career path.