Develop sustainable technologies

A fantastic webinar, in which we hear three very unique stories from graduates at Johnson Matthey – from what they did in their lead-up to joining the company, to their experiences at various Johnson Matthey sites across the country.

There are three routes in – Science, Commercial and Operations – and your placements are determined by your own interests, skillsets and experiences. This means that graduates have the opportunity to follow their passion, tailoring their development pathway to suit them.

Here’s one of the many kind comments we received…

"It was a pleasure to take part in the webinar – thank you.  The event was very well run and advertised.  You understood what would be of most interest to students joining the session and spent the time working with us to ensure the best possible results.  

It was a fantastic opportunity for some of our current graduates to showcase their work and passions and explain how these link to Johnson Matthey's goals." - Kerry Beer, Graduate Talent Manager at Johnson Matthey