Case Studies

Fighting fire with ingenuity

In 2018, the Manitoba Department of Sustainable Development revaluated its wildfire suppression services. It wanted to determine the optimal way to support its residents and communities. Babcock was awarded the 10-year contract for delivering a Wildfire Suppression Service that would protect over 649,950km2 of land and a population of 1.3 million people. After establishing a centre for aviation in Winnipeg, Manitoba, and setting up three satellite bases, we began managing, maintaining and operating a fleet of seven Canadair water-bomber amphibious aircraft.

The inaugural season in 2019 was a success, surpassing the customer’s expectations. With 99.7% availability, the team was called out to 277 wildfires, flew 364 missions and made 4,092 drops.

Delivering world-class search and rescue

Working on behalf of SASEMAR (the Spanish Maritime Safety Agency), we carry out vital search and rescue missions with responsibility for everything from crewing and carrying out the operations themselves through to managing mission-specific equipment and servicing the aircraft.

We respond to drifting ships, emergency medical situations in maritime locations, distress calls from oil platforms, environmental spillages, border control issues and many other complex maritime emergencies. We’ve also developed specialist training to cater to the hostile environments in which most of the SASEMAR missions take place. In 2019, our teams flew more than 7,800 hours across our SASEMAR and other search and rescue contracts.


Supporting high fliers

Drawing upon the skills of over 2,000 highly-skilled colleagues and our extensive experience in military aviation, we coordinate and deliver complex defence services for the RAF and Royal Navy. We always strive to collaborate, to share successes and to employ the most innovative ways of working so we can continuously improve.

Our role involves developing, manufacturing, repairing and maintaining ground training aids as well as providing ground handling services. We also provide airfield managers to oversee the day-to-day running of key airfields, and support normal, night and contingency flying operations.

Isolating silos

Our wholly-owned subsidiary, Cavendish Nuclear, was tasked with delivering plant and equipment that could access historic Intermediate Level Waste in a legacy Pile Fuel Cladding Silo. Then, we used our expertise to deliver equipment to remove it and transfer it into secure containers for safe interim storage.

Our team was involved in the entire lifecycle, from detailed design through to manufacture, works testing at our Rosyth testing facility, transportation to Sellafield, installation and commissioning. This was a truly collaborative project delivered three years ahead of schedule.

Keeping nuclear silos safe

The Sellafield Silo Maintenance Facility is a state of the art plant that enables the maintenance of equipment that is tasked with the safe retrieval of historical nuclear waste from silos. Our expertise spans storage, inspection, package loading and unloading, decontamination and maintenance. Our biggest challenge was to engineer and deliver a facility with the flexibility to adapt its functionality throughout its operational life. We’ve successfully delivered each phase from concept to completion on time and within budget.

Unearthing safer options

The Berkeley Active Waste Vaults retrieval programme involves delivering the mechanical handling and processing equipment required to retrieve legacy Intermediate Level Waste from an underground storage facility. Our subsidiary, Cavendish Nuclear, designed, tested and delivered modularised plant and equipment capable of retrieving, processing and packaging the waste for safe interim storage.