Fabiana Moreno

Project Manager, Major Pursuits

"What I enjoyed the most about the programme was the varied experiences."

Year Joined: 2015

Degree: MSc- Technology and Innovation Management

University: University of Sussex

Total Work Experience: 6 Years

What attracted you to Schneider Electric?

I wanted to work in a company that shared my passion for sustainable innovation in the energy sector and where I could also further expand my career in the UK and abroad.

Describe Schneider Electric in 3 words:

Innovative, Fun and Open.

Best thing about the programme:

What I enjoyed the most about the programme was the varied experiences. I have had the opportunity to support my manager in strategising about our top customers, I supported the engineers in the field, I prepared bids for big projects and I have provided intelligence information about our competitors and different industries to senior peers. All in the space of 18 months.

What do you enjoy the most about your role and why is it a great fit for you? 

I am currently a Project Manager for the Major Pursuits and Strategic Alliances team, where I support a sales team of 10 from a strategic point of view; helping them with customer events and strategising how to gain market share. It’s an exciting position since I need to apply my technical understanding of our solutions to the market conditions while taking into account what our competitors are doing.

Are there many opportunities outside of work at Schneider Electric?

I am part of the diversity and inclusion initiative at Schneider Electric, where I have had the opportunity to promote diversity in our workplace and host regular diversity network events, where people come together to discuss issues related to making our workplace more inclusive.

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