Shamsur Rahman

Subsurface Engineer

"The company has exceeded my expectations . . ."

Role: Subsurface Engineer, North Sea Production (12 months)

Studied: MEng Chemical Engineering at University College London (UCL)

As a student in my final year of studies, my mains concerns were which companies to apply for that offered me a challenging role and a world class development programme. As an engineer, I wanted a job that not only utilised my key skills but also enabled me to develop in other areas.

From a thorough research across many industries, I quickly realised that ExxonMobil was for me. They had a programme that was tailored to my needs and offered opportunities for international travel which greatly differentiated them from other companies.

My Role

I am part of a very small, dynamic team that is responsible for maintaining production across the UK and Norwegian assets in the North Sea. The role of a subsurface engineer is to maintain integrity of a well from the day it has been drilled till abandonment and to work closely with Reservoir Engineers in identifying potential uplift opportunities. I have been in this current role just over 12 months and to date have been involved in various exciting projects.

On a day-to-day basis, I am heavily involved with various vendors and assessing the best services and products that are applicable to our operations. One of the many interventions I have been working on this year has delivered significant volume uplift. This is very rewarding in itself to see the project I have been working on for a few months to deliver.

There is also an excellent network of support from our Operations Support based in Houston, USA providing sources of expertise from across the globe. Especially working in a technical discipline, it is great to know there is the support where required and engineers around you who are more than happy to assist.

Training & Personnel Development

ExxonMobil provides the best training available to ensure the engineer is equipped with the right skills to fulfil the role. I have been on training courses in Houston at the Upstream Technical Training Centre, giving me the opportunity to meet fellow engineers working in other affiliates around the world. You get to share ideas, see how similar works are carried out elsewhere and be part of a global network.

Having no background in petroleum, the training courses and going out offshore on a regular basis have allowed me to quickly pick up on the complicated process of a workover. During the short time I have been at ExxonMobil, it has been a very steep learning curve; however this drive from the company has greatly developed me as a professional and I am now taking the lead on major projects.

In the year I have been with ExxonMobil, the company has exceeded my expectations. I expect my job to get even more challenging in the future and be involved in other exciting projects.

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