Our new virtual assessment process – Top tips

Online application: 

Step 1: You’ve found the KPMG programme and location you’d like to apply to KPMG. Before starting your application, this video will outline what information is required from you in order to successfully complete and submit your application form.

Online assessment:

Step 2: Whilst going through the KPMG application process you’ll be invited to complete three online assessments: Transforming Small Businesses, Delivering Outcomes and Critical Thinker. In this video, we’ll provide you with further information on what to expect and tips on how to prepare.

Virtual Launch Pad: 

Step 3: The final stage of our application process is taking part in our Virtual Launch Pad - if successful, you’ll receive an offer in two working days! Watch this video for advice on how to prepare and how to make the most of this virtual experience.

KPMG strengths: 

Step 4: In this video, our Student Recruitment team outlines the strengths you’ll be assessed against throughout the KPMG application process, and activities you can do to help you decide if KPMG is a good fit for you.