Systems Integration

"I can see a clear progression here; they support your growth and development; they want you to succeed."

What do you do? And what’s the most exciting thing about it?

To put it simply, I test whether mobile apps and websites work. There are great opportunities for me here, as digital testing is a growing area and there’s a clear progression path set out for graduates at Deloitte.

My last project was particularly exciting, as it was my first project that I got to be there for the ‘go live’. I was working for a challenger bank, where you can open a current account completely online, and I was involved in testing the account opening process. The project used some exciting, innovative pieces of technology, such as taking a selfie to verify yourself online.

What new skills have you picked up so far?

Technical skills. Since joining Deloitte, my training has been tech heavy, since I wanted a more technical role. I have had automation training and training specific to Testing (my capability). My presentation skills have grown since being at Deloitte, as I had never had to give a presentation during my time at uni. During the first 6 weeks of training, we were given multiple opportunities to practise presentations, which is extremely useful once stating on project.

Do you get many learning and development opportunities?

I have a meeting every month or so with my coach, where we discuss how I’ve been getting along and what areas I would like to improve on. I’m currently studying towards my BCS diploma. Studying so far has been ok, as they’ve assigned time for us to take the exams and we get preparation days for the orals. Both my project team and managers support me during my exams and allow me to take the time off if I need it to study.

I travel every week too. My project is currently based in Edinburgh, Scotland. I fly up on a Monday morning and fly back Thursday evenings. I have learnt to balance my personal and work life and it also gives me a great opportunity to visit another city.