Real Estate Consulting

"It’s great to be able to engage with and learn from such a diverse team, with such amazing skills and knowledge, on a day-to-day basis."

What’s surprised you most about your role?

I’m surprised I use creative thinking so much in my job. I’ve learnt to use Adobe InDesign to support with creative work, designing documents, which I never would have expected.

I also need creative thinking for problem solving, as well as financial modelling. Quite often, as the client updates information, we need to identify the most efficient way to process the data. This is when I’ve had the opportunity to think outside the box and develop solutions for the tasks at hand.

What are the best things about your job?

For me, my favourite part of working in Real Estate is that it results in something tangible. You can witness a scheme come to life, and have a material impact on people’s lives or way of living.

Working at Deloitte Real Estate specifically, I enjoy the wide-ranging nature of the work we do, as well as the opportunity to engage with clients on a strategy level. You’re given responsibility very early on, and have the opportunity to learn and grow at an exponential rate.

What’s special about the people in your team?

How friendly and supportive everyone is. If I have an issue, whether professional or personal, I can speak up and I know I’ll be supported. Even the senior individuals always find time to help if you have a problem; they help you think through it, rather than telling you what to do, even if that takes them a little longer.