Business Operations

"If you want variety in your work, location, the people, the clients, then Deloitte is for you."

How would you explain your job to someone who doesn’t work here?

I work with companies that are primarily in the Retail Banking or Insurance/Life & Pensions industries. I help these clients to solve complex challenges that either they do not have the capacity to do, or they do not have the capability or expertise to do. As I work in Operations, I deal with the structural issues and the inner workings of the business; that might be the client’s call centres or payment processing departments, for example.

Do you travel much for work?

I’ve had some great travel opportunities; I’ve been to Vienna, Toronto, Tokyo and Shanghai. My current project is based in London, although there are offices in Birmingham, Bristol and Edinburgh which we travel to from time to time. My first project was based in Bath, so I was there every day Monday to Thursday. I feel really privileged to have gained such great insight into how Deloitte operates in different parts of the world, as well as travel to places I otherwise wouldn’t have done.

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