Actuarial, Reward & Analytics

"My first project as a graduate involved developing a new interest rate model. I was given the freedom to design the features and to write the maths required."

Tell us about your job and the best things about it

I develop models for economic variables such as interest rates, inflation and equities. These models are used by life insurers to value their liabilities.

I love having the chance to work on research tasks outside academia and to use maths in my daily work.

The size of Deloitte means there are a wide number of different projects to get involved with, abroad, on client site, and in Deloitte offices.

Tell us about the support you get – and give – at Deloitte, beyond the day job

I am part of the Women in Leadership network. The Director who leads the Capital Markets Group presented at one of these meetings and they are an opportunity to hear from leaders across the firm.

I am also on the recruitment team. This is a way to give something back after the support I received during my internship.

Flexible working is encouraged in my team. I personally make the most of the opportunity to start work earlier and to leave earlier.

I make the most of my support network and ask colleagues for help where needed.