Your Development

Royal IHC runs an accredited IMechE “Monitored Professional Development Scheme.” (MPDS)

For Graduates and Developing Engineers, this means that we can offer a structured, fast track route to Chartered status, under the guidance of a Chartered Engineer mentor, who, over the course of your first 4 years will help you to gain the necessary competence to apply for Chartered status.

Our Young Executive Programme

Once you have been with Royal IHC for a few years, you will have the opportunity to apply for our Young Executive Programme as we like to encourage your continuing professional development. 

The Young Executive Programme allows good leaders to show their way in difficult change processes. Change is no longer the exception at IHC; it is the only constant factor. In this programme, you will be gaining an insight into your own leadership qualities.

As ‘tomorrow's leaders’ you are used to moving in a world which is dynamic in every respect. You don’t think of change as something strange or threatening, but as a fact of life. By demonstrating this in what you say and do, you will inspire your colleagues and co-workers to contribute to the success of IHC.

The Young Executive Programme has been set up in such a way that it will stretch you in terms of your personal development to ensure you can contribute fully to the success of IHC. You are expected to combine a healthy dose of ambition and drive with at least as much perseverance. In return, you will be part of a programme which will see you challenge your own views and behaviours but from which you will emerge as a stronger person and leader.

The programme is a year-long leadership development programme run by Tilburg University in the Netherlands. By taking part in the programme, you will get a full insight into your leadership capabilities which will be a platform for your future leadership career with IHC.