Recruitment process

We want to see genuine enthusiasm and passion for both Colas Rail UK and the rail sector.

Stage 1

Online Application
Submit your cover letter and CV and we will ask you a few questions about why you would like to work with us.

Stage 2

Psychometric Ability Testing and Personality Testing
Possession of basic numerical and verbal reasoning skills. You can practise these skills through numerous online providers of psychometric testing.

Comprehension of self-awareness and strengths. You can learn about your strengths by completing online personality tests.

Stage 3

Occupational Personality Questionnaire (OPQ)
OPQ is a robust psychometric test which is used for recruitment and selection, personal development and career transition.

We will be assessing you against our 5 key behaviours. Have a look at our Leadership Framework which will help you understand this.

Stage 4

Video Interview
If you are successful, you will receive an invitation to a video interview. You will have 2 minutes per question to answer 6 questions based on the Colas Rail 5E’s.

Stage 5

Assessment Centre
If you are successful you will receive an invite to Colas Rail UK assessment centre. This is where you can demonstrate your ability to show genuine enthusiasm and passion for both Colas Rail UK and the rail sector, as well as demonstrating excellent interpersonal skills and drive to succeed. You also get to meet key leaders from across our business and get a real feel for what it’s like to work for Colas Rail UK!

Final Stage

Offers made!
Colas Rail UK recruitment process can take up to two months to complete, this may seem like a long process but it’s used to ensure everyone is treated fairly.