Oliver Quigley

Process Engineer

"P&G has already provided me with a great opportunity to develop as a leader."

I began working at the Gillette Manufacturing site in Reading three months ago as a Process Engineer on one of the lines responsible for producing shaving gel products. When I started my role, I thought it would take a few months before I would be given the opportunity to make a real impact on the manufacturing process as this was my first job since graduating. I was therefore shocked when, in the first week, I was put in charge of coming up with a solution to a manufacturing issue on one of the lines.

Since then, I have been tasked with improving the efficiency of the manufacturing process by solving problems that occur during operation. This initially seemed like a daunting task, however, the people at P&G are so supportive and are always happy to help. No question is a stupid question and if someone doesn’t know the answer then they will help you find someone that does. This creates an incredibly welcoming environment allowing you to work confidently and efficiently.

P&G has also already provided me with a great opportunity to develop as a leader. As well as providing training programmes designed to help me develop my leadership skills, I have been provided with the opportunity to train others. I have helped train the operators on how to run the machines efficiently as well as how to use the tools P&G provide for problem solving. This has allowed me to take ownership for my personal development and lay the foundations for an extremely successful career.

A personal highlight of mine has been ensuring the production of a brand new product ran smoothly during my second month. It is testament to the amount of responsibility and trust you are given straight away and it was extremely rewarding to be involved with. Every time I see this product on shelves from now on, I will know I was there right at the beginning!