Hiring Process

Step 1 - Application

If your initial application is successful, it will be taken to the next step of our hiring process:

Step 2 - Assessment

P&G uses online assessments to measure skills and accomplishments that generally do not emerge from interviews. These assessments are critical as they help determine if it is equally beneficial for you to continue through the hiring process.

Success Drivers Assessment (Online)

Assesses your background, experiences, interests and work-related attitudes, and measures your compatibility against P&G competencies for defining successful job performance.


  • Online delivery allows 24/7 access
  • Take as much time as you need to complete – most applicants take between 20 and 30 minutes
  • Available in over 20 languages

Sample Question:
When organising a work team, you have selected those who:

  • Have different strengths
  • Have the most technical expertise
  • Co-operate with each other
  • Follow instructions
  • Think like you

Reasoning Screen (Online)
Depending on your desired position you may be asked to complete the Reasoning Screen. The Reasoning Screen measures your cognitive ability. This is important because the nature of our work is complex and continually changing.


  • Online delivery allows 24/7 access
  • 15 questions
  • Two minutes and 30 seconds allowed for each question
  • Test takes approximately 30 minutes
  • Available in over 20 languages

Sample Question:
Reasoning Test (In-person)

Depending on your desired position you may be asked to complete our paper-and-pencil Reasoning Test. The test is delivered on campus or as a part of your final interview. This test measures your reasoning skills using numerical, logic-based and figural reasoning type questions.

Step 2 - Initial Interview

We use behavioural-based interviews to get to know you – the real you. What makes you tick? What have you accomplished so far? To do this we’ll ask questions about previous accomplishments or how you’ve handled situations in the past. We are looking to see how you relate to, compare with and connect with our Success Drivers (see Qualities We Look For). This is also your opportunity to find out about us. We believe two-way communication starts from day one, so ask away. Click here for more Interview Information.

Step 4 - Final Interview

If you're called back, we'll ask more in-depth questions about you and your skills. In addition to more behavioural-based interviews, we’ll go into greater detail around your skills and capabilities. You can expect to have 1:1 interviews or a panel interview. A panel interview usually consists of two or three interviewers. This is also an opportunity to get a more in-depth understanding of our unique culture, values and endless opportunities. Click here for more Interview Information.

Step 5 - Offer

Congratulations! You’ve proven you have a lot to offer. We look forward to welcoming you to P&G, where you will work and grow alongside highly talented people, face new and exciting challenges, and touch and improve the lives of the world’s consumers more completely and in more parts of the world every day. 

Employee Profiles

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"It is crazy to think that within my first year of work, there were products on the..."

Navneet Budesha, Line Leader

"I felt like I had all the resources and people to help me succeed in my new role"
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