Ryan (Alumni)

Production Support

"The initial training provided a really useful platform and helped me get into the right mind-set required for the role."

We interviewed current Alumni Ryan about his thoughts and experiences on the programme.

Where did you study?

University of Sussex in Brighton

What degree do you have?

Masters in Physics

What attracted you to the Alumni programme?

First and foremost an interest in both Finance and Technology. Also, the chance to get a start in a large corporate environment where I could grow a network of contacts that will hopefully help as my career develops. The great training on offer was also an important factor in making my application.

What was it about working in Financial Services that appealed to you?

Pressure and the responsibility that comes with dealing directly with people such as traders. I also wanted to work in a fast paced environment, where I had the chance to grow and improve my current skill set.

When did you start?

February 2015

What’s your job role?

Production Support Analyst

Briefly describe a typical working day.

Generally, this could be assigned to one of three categories. Firstly, daily checks and routines that ensure the applications and systems are ready for business and functioning as they should be for the duration of the day. Along with this, managing ad hoc queries and requests from colleagues in a variety of different roles and locations. Thirdly, involvement in broader projects to implement changes that may spread across many different systems and departments within the bank.

What has surprised you most about working at a global Investment Bank?

How different the people are from how they are portrayed. Everybody I’ve come across has gone out of their way to provide me with help and guidance whenever necessary. Also the scale of the business – I knew banks were big but not that big – there’s a team for everything, meaning you are introduced to a lot of new people!

What’s been the best bit so far?

I’m enjoying the responsibility of being relied upon by others to deliver high quality work on a strict schedule. At University you are working for yourself, whereas as an Alumni, colleagues rely on your contribution. Also working in my team – everyone has been really helpful and will make time for me if I need it. Occasionally there are signs of stress but when there is you know it’s for good reason.

Is the training MThree have provided so far proving useful?

The initial training provided a really useful platform and helped me get in the right mind-set required for the role. The technical subjects covered are exactly what I need to carry out day-to-day tasks. It’s good that the training is flexible so that it can be tailored to suit individual needs.

How are you finding living and working in London?

Thoroughly enjoying working in the City. I love food so it’s great to have so much choice right outside the office! Perhaps a little too much choice sometimes.

Are you using the gym membership that’s included in the package?

I’m getting back into the gym at the moment actually - it’s great that the nearest gym that we have access to is only 100m away from the office.

What are your longer term aspirations at the end of the two years?

Honestly, I don’t know but I’m really happy with the option of converting to an employee of the Client, so my main aim is to make sure they want to keep me on by working hard and doing an excellent job. If this doesn’t happen it’s good to know I have a choice of potentially staying with MThree or going my own way.

What are your colleagues at MThree like?

I’ve yet to meet anyone at MThree who hasn’t been approachable and a good laugh. Don’t think I need to say any more really.

Do you see much of the other Alumni?

As much as I can. There’s lots of contact between the group on internal messenger etcetera, arranging drinks on Fridays or meeting up for lunch.

What advice would you give to other graduates thinking of joining the Alumni programme?

Do it! Be confident and throw yourself into it.  The Client interview process really aren’t that harsh. Remember it’s just a person the other side of the table and they’re not there to make it too brutal!

Thanks. Before we wrap up, any other comments that you’d like to add?

Get in while you can – it’s great to be part of the programme whilst it’s new!

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