Alumni and Secured Financial Analyst

"Investment banks are not like everything you read or see in movies. It was a lot more chilled than I expected."

"Investment banks are not like everything you read or see in movies. It was a lot more chilled than I expected. For example, my team is great! We have jokes, and often go out for meals and drinks."

Following her Master’s degree in Investment Banking, Judith joined Wiley Edge to pursue her goal of working in financial markets. 

She completed the Alumni training, went on-site at Nomura in London, and now plays a vital role in helping execute trades by working closely with front and back-office teams. 

We caught up with Judith in a cafe opposite The Shard to learn about her career journey so far and her goals for the future.

Why did you choose to study for a Master’s degree in Investment Banking?

“I’ve always had a love for Finance, so initially I was looking to work in Commercial Law.

But as I progressed in my Law degree, I felt like I would miss out because I wouldn’t work directly in the financial markets. Instead, I’d form contracts that usually come after the fact.  

I decided to make a move so I’d be more involved. Even though my role now is minuscule in comparison to the industry as a whole, it doesn’t matter, because everyone plays a part”.

How did you feel when you finished education and were looking to start your career?

“I felt nervous because I didn’t know how to navigate it all. There’s so much advice on how to find a job and write a CV, but it’s never as specific as you need it to be. Plus it wasn’t an easy thing shifting from education to working 9-5. It was a bit of a shock!”

What was the Wiley Edge Alumni training like?

“Once I landed the role, the training literally started the week after. I learnt a lot of technical skills and got an in-depth understanding of the financial services industry. It was intense! But very necessary, because I was a lot more confident about the role I was going to step into.” 

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