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National Grid's job is to connect people to the energy they use. From the warmth and light we rely on at home, and the power which keeps our factories and offices going, to the infrastructure and technologies that are essential parts of our modern lifestyle. The energy industry between now and 2050 is set to change dramatically and will play a vital role in connecting new sources of energy generation.

The transition to a low carbon economy is set against a background of increasing population, changing economic times and ageing power plants. In the UK many of our energy assets are reaching the end of their lives and we are already in the midst of a significant renewal programme.

This presents the sector with a tremendous opportunity to invest in the latest technology and ensure we have energy networks that will meet the future challenges.In Britain we run systems that deliver gas and electricity across the entire country. In the North Eastern states of the US, we provide power directly to millions of customers. We hold a vital position at the centre of the energy system. We join everything up.

That gives our employees an unprecedented opportunity to be at the heart of one of the greatest engineering challenges facing society; the creation of new sustainable energy solutions for the future - and the development of an energy system that can underpin economic prosperity in the 21st century. What we do helps drive Britain’s economic and social well-being - and our range of placements and development programmes can help drive your career.

We’re a company that believes in the power of action, where effort and initiative are recognised and rewarded. We offer an attractive starting salary and first-class training and development opportunities. Benefits include generous holidays, pension and share scheme and a popular flexible benefits package.

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A Gradcracker advertiser for at least five years - ideal for your shortlist!
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National Grid is an international electricity and gas company.
National Grid serves around 19 million customers directly and many more indirectly.
Our local distribution networks deliver gas to around 11 million consumers.
We distribute electricity in the northeastern US to approximately 3.3 million customers.