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Explore some of the industries that we work in...

Aerospace & Defense

The aerospace and defense industry is responsible for helping address the most pressing issues facing the global economy and modern society. From creating groundbreaking technological breakthroughs to serving as one of the largest job creators globally, the industry pushes the boundaries of what’s possible today by envisioning and creating what’s needed tomorrow.

Today, the industry faces a challenging and unpredictable environment due to intensifying regulation, geopolitical upheaval, and global economic volatility. This confluence of forces has led to immense uncertainty about future risks and opportunities.


Construction & Infrastructure

A major global job creator, the construction sector is one of the most complex industries for any organisation to operate in. Today, technological innovations, environmental concerns, and complex regulations continue to redefine the industry, and construction projects are rapidly becoming more capital intensive, riskier, and increasingly sophisticated.

At the same time, massive public infrastructure development and the global COVID-19 pandemic are reshaping the construction landscape, presenting several opportunities and risks



Education improves our lives, helps us achieve our full potential, and builds a more sustainable future for us all. As automation and digital technology reshape the global economy, the need to prepare students for the workforce of the future has never been greater.

Innovative education solutions can give students the knowledge and skillsets to grapple with unique challenges, adapt to change, and create the lives they want for themselves and their families.


Energy, Mining, & Natural Resources

Few sectors can rival the size, complexity, and breadth of the energy, mining, and natural resources sectors. The value chain from wellhead to wall socket is interlinked, interdependent, and often taken for granted.

Today, this value chain is under unrelenting pressure from a number of disruptive forces, including radically evolving global demand; environmental requirements; increasing regulatory and political scrutiny; economic volatility; and an uncertain trade environment.


Financial Services

Like the flow of capital and financial transactions it facilitates around the world, the financial services industry is in a state of perpetual motion.

Customer needs are changing rapidly; new entrants are causing tremendous disruption; large incumbents are deploying large-scale transformations; and governments and the public alike are intensifying their scrutiny of the sector. As a result, leaders in the financial services industry are seeking innovative ways to stay ahead of the curve and capture new opportunities for value creation.


Government & Public Sector

Governments and public sector organisations are coming to grips with an unprecedented pandemic, swelling debt levels, and the need to develop effective public policy solutions that address key societal concerns. At the same time, the social contract between individuals and institutions - particularly governments - is being redefined in real-time.

Governments and public sector organisations are grappling with the expectation to support citizens and protect livelihoods while navigating global political and social unrest.


Healthcare & Life Sciences

The development and global distribution of the COVID-19 vaccine in record time are historic accomplishments that demonstrate the contributions the healthcare and life sciences sector makes to society and the global economy. However, as the industry moves beyond the pandemic, healthcare leaders must grapple with a number of challenges.

New entrants are redefining the healthcare ecosystem; demand for cost-effective healthcare and innovative treatments continues to grow; shifts in public policy are proliferating; and the risks of litigation and political scrutiny remain constant.


Hospitality, Gaming & Leisure

The hospitality, gaming, and leisure industry has confronted a number of challenges in recent years, including a radically changing consumer base, intensifying competition, and the reshaping of the industry through digital technology. For many organisations, the impacts of a global pandemic has made the future even more uncertain.

Many industry leaders are contending with budget shortfalls while being forced to redefine traditional business models, adopt new technologies, and build even more exceptional experiences and rewarding opportunities for consumers.


Manufacturing, Chemicals & Industrials

Companies in the manufacturing, chemicals, and industrials sector are undergoing major transformations as digital technology reinvents supply chains and creates new opportunities for growth and value creation. At the same time, the industry has been buffeted by intensifying political scrutiny, complex legal disputes, and stringent regulations due to transforming consumer expectations and environmental concerns.

Now more than ever, industry leaders must make bold strategic and operational moves to enhance performance, improve product lines, and protect freedom to operate.


Real Estate

The future of the real estate industry is in flux as the COVID-19 pandemic has led to structural changes in how we live and work. Real estate transactions have grown more complex; new financing networks have accelerated deal flows; and investments in sustainability and digital technology have increased exponentially.

As the industry continues to evolve across all property types, industry leaders are seeking new opportunities to maximise value, create growth, and improve performance.


Transportation & Logistics

The global economy is defined by the infrastructure that connects people, goods, and services across borders. Without it, entire industries, whole economies, and global commerce as we know it would come to a screeching halt.

Today, this infrastructure is buffeted by the impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic, drastic shocks to the global trade system, and increasing economic volatility. Intricate supply chains and digital technology are rendering legacy infrastructure and traditional business models obsolete.


Technology, Media & Telecommunications

Digital technology has revolutionised the global economy and modern society. It is embedded in nearly every facet of daily life and connects us in ways never thought possible. Given this rapid change and massive disruption, the industry is facing unprecedented risks as governments move to update legacy regulations to more capably govern how data are collected and used.

As the lines blur between the physical and digital worlds, the industry is expected to create innovative products and tools that will define the future.

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