We’re contributing to a more sustainable world for all.

For us, sustainability means doing business the right way: environmentally, socially and financially. All of our employees around the world contribute to sustainability on a daily basis, and we are fully committed to: 

  • using renewable raw materials and environmentally sensitive and safe processes; 
  • producing innovative, high quality products with sustainable benefits in use; and 
  • supporting our people and the communities in which we operate.

Our sustainability programme is informed by the same three global drivers that inform our business strategy. These global drivers are influencing our customers' and their consumers' needs, so it is critical that our business responds to these to ensure we can create new opportunities for growth and contribute to a more sustainable world for all.

The Global Drivers of Change:

  • Changing Demographics
  • Fragile World
  • Changing Expectations and Behaviours

By considering what opportunities and threats these global drivers present to our Business, we have shaped our sustainability programme on what matters most to us, now and in the future.

Click here to download our latest Sustainability report.